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We provide professional mobile security patrol & parking enforcement solutions tailed to meet your property's needs.


Your parking lot are the most used areas of any property. The presentation your property is also the first thing customers and patrons see when they visit. 

At M6 Parking, we monitor your parking spaces for violations and take concrete steps to revolve parking issues.With thorough parking enforcement, we ensure you regain maximum control of your parking spaces. 


  1. We are licensed and certified by the City of Toronto & the Toronto Parking Enforcement  
  2. Our parking enforcement officers are specially trained by Toronto Parking Enforcement 
  3. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 
  4. We have partnered up with all municipally-approved towing companies, such as (JP, Abrams, Williams, A Towing, Classic) for all towing needs 

M6 Parking delivers consistent and expeditious parking enforcement each and every time. Our commitment to the highest standard of parking enforcement ensures M6 Parking is unmatched in quality and service. Our results speak for themselves!

M6 Permits Registration

M6 Parking provides residents and guests of your property an easy 2-step system for visitor permit registration while still ensuring you maintain maximum control over how often visitors can register and who is not permitted to register.

  1. With M6 Parking's visitor permit registration system, you will:  
  2. Provide an easy 2-step registration system for your tenants and guests 
  3. You will maintain maximum control over how often permits are issued 
  4. Be confident that errors are greatly reduced due our cloud-based system 
  5. Never pay to print paper permits 
  6. Have records for up to 12 months  
  7. Prevent unauthorized vehicles from being on property at all times

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